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We Create Search Engine Optimised Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

We want your website to perform.  More and more people are searching online to find answers to their problems than ever before.  And even if they are recommended to see your business, they are often checking your online profile before they even contact you.

That’s why it is becoming absolutely crucial to make you’re your website not only looks great, but gets found for your key business purpose AND then gives them the information that makes them feel comfortable engaging with you.

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Fundamentals of Small Business Website Creation

It is essential that your website is designed in a way that encourages your client to stick around to find out more about you and then reach out.  We will sit down with you to discover your core business purpose areas and the areas you want to focus on most.  And we’ll discuss ideal website layouts, listen to your ideas, and then use all that information to create your initial website outline.

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Personalised Service

We want to find out about you and your business.  We’ll sit down with you and delve in to find out what your most desired services are, and which customers you like working with.  And you’ll share your ideas for your website.  Through a simple conversation, we’ll be able to get the initial concept required to create your ideal website.

Desire to Perform

Our mission is to help you create a website that generates leads.  That’s why we’ll do our best to ensure your website performs properly.  And if you’re not satisfied with the work we’ve done, we’ll keep working with you to get it right.

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Research for Your Industry and Clients

Once we understand your business needs, we’ll go to work doing deep research to find out what your client is searching for and what Google wants to see on your website.  This is an essential step that is required to ensure when your website is built, you get found.

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Business Research for New Website Build

Creating an effective website that will capture the right clients for the products/services you want to sell requires deep research.  We’ll chat with you to find out all the products/services you want to move.  Then we’ll look at what your best sellers are.  And from this information, we’ll do research to find out what Google wants to see on your website.

Customer Research for Your Website

Your customer will type in certain words and phrases to find you.  We’ll do research to find out what these are so your customer is more likely to find your website and contact you.

Industry Website Research

We don’t stop at the basic research – we’ll look into the industry website leaders to find out what’s working best.  This way we can discuss and/or include any essential elements in your website build.

Website Build Optimisation Strategies

We won’t stop at the standard website search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques because we want to set your website apart.  That’s why we will go the extra mile by providing additional optimisation strategies including writing quality keyword rich articles for your business website.  This adds value for your clients and increases your chances of being found by Google when searched.

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Google Research

Google is highly trusted to provide customers with the search results they are looking for.  That’s why we will do extensive research to find out what Google is wanting to see on your website.

Keyword Research

Knowing the right words and phrases to include on your website is critical if you want to be found.  We’ll do detailed research to find your business keywords and include them appropriately in your website build.

Article Creation

Including quality articles on your website is one of the best ways small businesses can increase their presence.  But many people don’t have the time or the desire to create them.  That’s why we’ve got you covered and will work with you or for you to create the content and load it up to your website.

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